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Directory Publishing Process (Pi Cheng Environment)

We act in all the areas envolved in the directory publishing industry.
To the group of systems and softwares developed by DPI we call "Pi Cheng Environment".

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Pre-sale - Basic tool for the Sales Planning, Pre-sale simulates the production of the product for one contract, allowing the presentation of a real model of announcement offer to the customer already in the first visit.

Administration of Contracts - Basic tool of sales administration, allows the entrance of the editorials and financial information modernizing the cadaster; organizing the data for calculation of the revenue, collection and comissions; elaborating reports of sales and editorial control. Its capacity is enlarged with the use of the optional module of Commissions and Collections.

Tests of Contracts - Basic tool for the customer's announcement simulation - a real prove - previous to the product's release.

Commissions and Collection - The basic module of Administration of Contracts allows the visualization of the accompaniment of the sales. The optional module of Commissions and Collection generates reports of analysis of complexes sale controls, such as reports of hierarchy of sales; reports of payments, reports of delay, collection administration, juridical collection, administrative control of collections; administrative reports of gain and calculations of commissions.

Attendance to Customers - Optional and flexible tool used by the Customer's Attendance Services (CAS'). The module CAS links with the tools of Administration of Contract, managing solutions and emitting such qualitative reports as: reports of alteration of the announcement data; of control of quality of sales; and accompaniment of the process of customers' solicitation.

Telemarketing - Service offered by DPI - Directory Publishing International, adaptive to the needs of the customer. Our 100% automated Telemarketing, active and receptive, is modulated through scripts or dialogues generated by the administrator of the product and its up-dating happens in short space of time. Telemarketing generates administrative and analytic reports.

Internet Books - The data base supplied by the sales administration system feeds the Internet phone book. This service disposable the announcements hired in the Internet, in own site, before even of the product's distribution.

Treatment of Basic Inserts - Service of polish of the cadaster, supplied by the customer, according to the approaches defined by the product to be generated. System perfectly adapted for the English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian languages.

Publishing - Service of cadaster classification, according to the ordering of the product sections to be generated, inside of the ideas and approaches established by the customer. For phone books the sections would be Subscribers (white pages), Classified (yellow pages), Addresses (street guide) and correlated.

Electronic phone books - CD - Generation service and recording of the product in CD-ROM starting from the editorial data base.

Pagination - High-speed service of product pagination without manual intervention.
The Pagination system is flexible, incorporating the specific parameters of the product such as:

- typology: it assumes existent typologies or it generates new typologies;
- positioning rules of announcements;
- cross reference: headings with indication of pages;
- rules that optimize the spaces between lines, columns and characters;
- automatic generation of alphabetical index;
- graphic definition of the figurations of the product.
The Pagination service exports the pages in film and in CD - Computer-to-Plate (CTP).

Distribution Logistic - The Distribution Logistic system understands the geographical routes and make the emission of the distribution protocols. It generates tools of control and supervision of the process of product distribution, such as reports and labels according to the customer need.






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