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A brief historical

The history of DPI begins 35 years ago, when Newton M. Campos Jr begins his career in the Research Department of the largest South America phone book publisher. There, he accumulates knowledge for what it would become today the Pi Cheng Environment for production of phone books.

Campos leaves that company and starts to collaborate in other publishers where he develops hardware (image setters) and software (pagination systems). While building computers, he visualizes that would be possible to substitute the enormous and expensive mainframe, used by the publishers, for the simple and powerful microprocessor.

In 1975, he produces 900 pages automatically for the phone book of São Paulo in 72 hours of computer. In November of 1999, the Pi Cheng accomplishes similar task for the 5.000 pages of São Paulo's phone book in less than 30 minutes, with an operational cost of about 1% of the cost 25 years before.

In 1991, after passing for the management of Listel's Information Technology Department, he begins his own business together with friends from old publishers' and former collaborators through where he worked. He creates companies followed today by DPI Directory Publishing International.

The current team of DPI is composed by professionals with large tradition and competence in the phone books and yellow page market. This competent structure is enlarged by a net of specialist-consultants of different areas as Sales, Marketing, Production and Distribution for best to assist its customers' demand.



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