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A high tech directory publishing house

The DPI - Directory Publishing International is the company who developed the software Pi Cheng and its modules (the whole system is known as "Pi Cheng Environmnet"). DPI has a large know-how in directory publishing and pagination, developing technologies for the whole process of making a phone book.

For more than 35 years, the services provided by DPI to its customers allow them to concentrate efforts to their own business (to sell advertisement) leaving the production and edition process with DPI.

DPI provides technology to many different companies (see our customers), from the huges multinationals to small local companies. It's an intelligent tecnology, bringing operational solutions with high productivity.

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The DPI offices and staff

Today the company owns its 1,200 square meter office building, in Sao Paulo - Brazil, where the most recently and up-dated equipment is installed (see some pictures).

Competitive advantages

Our professionals' knowledge, whose competence in edition and production of phone books is recognized in the market, allow DPI to offer the following competitive advantages:

- exclusive technological architecture that allows significant reduction of the operational cost and time;

- systems ready-to-go (ready for action) whose custom and implementation happen naturally in the edition process;

- the components of the Pi Cheng Environment, besides classified books (yellow books) and of subscribers, assist the format of the phone books of addresses, a particularity of the Brazilian market;

- the systems were developed considering the English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian languages;

- consulting services in marketing (sales and product), edition and production of books, accomplished by professionals endowed with knowledge of the rules of the market editorial of phone books, including the guidelines of Anatel (Telecommunications National Agency);

- editorial production services with generation of products for different final medias: impression in paper, CD-ROM and Internet.

São Paulo Office
Fones:  ++55 11 98350 0613
e-mail: picheng@picheng.com.br



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